How do I fix my ukulele buzzing? – How To Learn Ukulele Strum Pattern Trains

Make sure the cables are not twisted. If your cables are in series, use a spare cable to patch the problem. If your cables are connected, replace the missing cable.

Is it possible to re-cable an uke with a broken uke cable?

Most uke’s are compatible when they have a broken cable, but sometimes they are not. It’s possible to re-cable another uke to a broken uke cable. This only works for the “original” uke. Please see the FAQ link here for more information. If you just got a new uke, please visit our eBay store here for re-cable repairs and repair options. Please note that if you are looking for a re-cable repair for an older uke, this page is not for you.

Why do my notes sound like a jazzy karaoke song?

If you’re using the Korg U1k, and you are listening to the notes of the Korg K-Flat, you will probably hear a slightly muted and muffled jazzy bass, much like you hear on a karaoke night. However, if you have used the Korg U1k and play any “realistic” drum hits, you may hear a slightly more distorted, harsh, distorted bass. This should not be a very noticeable difference in the “realistic” drum beats. To fix this problem, just use the bass knob and the “mute” to play the music on your uke. Now you should hear what you hear!

Why does my cymbal ring when I play?

If you have used the Ukulele’s built-in tuner, and you have been playing with or without the built-in tuner, you will notice that the sound you have been hearing on your ukulele will not sound as good as what the tuner says it should sound. If you want your ukulele to tone up to the standards of most of the major commercial drum kit, you can try one of the “tuner” features built into the ukulele. If you don’t quite fit into the range of the tuner, try adjusting your tuning. Here are a few different ways to tune your uke:

Un-tune it by lowering the tuning pot or the slider

Play it down to the original tuning by lowering the pitch from the “off” tuning


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How do I fix my ukulele buzzing? – How To Learn Ukulele Strum Pattern Trains
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