Who is the richest white rapper? – At What Level Does Starmie Learn Rapid Spin Bulbapedia Eevee

Drake: the rich black rapper.

But this is not so clear cut.

Drake is not a black person, but instead the son of a famous black hip-hop mogul from Brooklyn. In 2014 Drake became part of the rap empire of Jay Z, a figure widely held up as an example of black wealth. The album that Drake released with Jay Z, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, was a critical hit, reaching #1 in the US and the UK on both charts.

It was also, in a sense, the beginning of a long career for Drake, who became known for his flashy, often sexual, lyrics.

But it does seem that Drake is a white person. We know that it’s partly an accident. Drake is described in some interviews as a black person. He looks black. He is also a man. But how much of that, exactly, is true? Is it reasonable to think, as one critic puts it, that “as much as Drake is a male, he is also a white male”, as if he were a white male rapper, if he was also a white male rock star? Or does it all just seem too much work?

Maybe the true answer lies in a larger conversation about where music from this kind of white rapper – someone whose audience is usually young and male – can be seen as valuable. For one thing, Drake is just the kind of guy who might be seen as a role model when it comes to the idea of black masculinity. After all, there is no better proof you can give than making a hit record.

For another, Drake comes from a family that is well known as a cultural heavyweight in hip-hop and in the UK. As the writer and filmmaker Michael Steele has repeatedly explained, many of the artists who started out the way he did are now considered pop stars. Drake has a family record deal, and is not from a background with the power or resources of that group.

So if Drake is a white person with a black face, what’s the value of his success?

To answer the question on its head, we have to distinguish between a specific kind of person and a single album. We can make a few assumptions:

A person who is white and not part of a family with power can be taken for a certain type of white man who wants to follow his music career with a white man style, but one who is a different type than a white man who wants to create

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Who is the richest white rapper? – At What Level Does Starmie Learn Rapid Spin Bulbapedia Eevee
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