What are 16 bars in rap? – Best Rap Songs To Learn On Guitar

A) The song that is sung in unison in a large group of people. B) A group of young men, women, and child, all singing to the same beat, and doing it in front of a mirror like there is no tomorrow. C) A man holding hands with his girlfriend on the subway. D) The man at the beach watching the waves from his boat. This is not a thing to take seriously. But a lot of it is real, or it was. 16 bars in rap is in fact real music in terms of the flow and tempo. But that does not mean that rap has a definitive, timeless beat. The beat is a product of the artist’s creative imagination and the audience’s attention and the music is the product of the people who are listening and enjoying, the people you are, or the people you want to be listening to. 16 bars may not match the speed of a song by Eminem, and some songs may not be in sync with the flow of a song by Jay Z (or Nas, as the case may be). But 16 bars may well be the foundation of your own unique, individual experience in rap, whatever that may be. The key is to listen to these songs, and to dance to them, or live-stream them, or whatever you like. In a way, the song may even be the soundtrack to your life. So don’t just listen, dance, and live-stream.

For an in-depth look at how the sounds and sounds of 16 bars are important to hip hop, see:

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What are 16 bars in rap? – Best Rap Songs To Learn On Guitar
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