What was the first rap song? – Learn Rappelling

Why is it that you always say rap songs before hip-hop?

Yeah, I can understand that. And I can understand why people do that. But that was the first rap song that I ever heard. I think that it was on that record called The Black Madonna. I didn’t know who it was. I guess that’s how the whole thing started [laughs].

What did you think of those early rap records?

The first thing was like, “What the fuck is this?” “What the fuck is this?” They were so boring. It wasn’t hard to remember how you had to listen to them because everyone was reading about them. I don’t know what it was. It was just an endless stream of stuff, but a really great, easy to read read flow.

How would you describe your flow?

I’ve got to give you the straight-up way I do it. I don’t have any flow going over my verses anymore because it just starts getting repetitive. I don’t know if I can say. But basically I’m going in and they’re going in with my flow. I’m not a flow master, but it’s different than other people might think.

How do they get to where you get the flow?

They go in and they get a flow because they love those records, and they want to do all these things with those records because they love that flow but they don’t have that record or that sound. It’s a little more of an individualistic thing, you know what I mean?

Who are more of your influences?

A lot of people say Dr. Dre. I really like Dre, especially the old stuff, like “Stan” and “Big Brother” and stuff like that. Those are some of my favorite records. Another thing that I’ve been a lot of influence on are Biggie and Tupac. I’ve seen all those movies where they go over what they’ve done and that’s what I want to emulate at the beginning. I want a flow that’s hip-hop and not rap. That’s just the way I’m going into everything. I want to make something different.

Do you always have that “I’m Tupac” moment for people when that happens?

Yeah, a lot. A lot of times I come up to them and I say, “Let’s have a little party in here. We’re gonna have a show tonight. Let’s sit on the

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What was the first rap song? – Learn Rappelling
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