Is BTS A HIP HOP? – Rock N Learn States And Capitals Rap Youtube Clean

A lot of hip hop fans are looking forward to their favorite BTS members joining forces with their favorite artists. Recently, a group of fans wrote a letter expressing their desire for their favorite members to work together with one another. What is HIP HOP? Hip hop music is filled with catchy and upbeat songs. So if your BTS’ album releases, I’m sure it’s going to hit the top 3 on most hip hop fan’s top songs list. That’s why I thought I would take time and write a short guide on what I feel would be the best ways for BTS to work together with their favorite artists. If this guide is useful to you, please do share it!

1. Use an instrumental (an instrumental song could be made only for an instrumental instrumental album)

Why an instrumental? Because it’s easy to perform in an hour or less. You might want to include lyrics, or say a few lines for the instrumental. Then you can add vocals if you’re feeling passionate. So, you could go with an instrumental version of SISTAR’s “Not Today.”

Why not an original song? Just because it’s an instrumental doesn’t mean it has to sound like a generic song like “Fire” or “No More Sadness.” An original song is just that! That’s why “Rain” by JYP is a better comparison.

2. Be original, don’t copy anyone

I realize it’s hard to be original and have original songs but why not! BTS is about inspiring people and they have plenty of ways to follow up and follow in your footsteps. In my opinion, BTS have inspired many people before they entered the industry and if you want to follow in the footsteps of them and become one of them, the best way to do that is by using your own style!

You can find a list of songs that you can copy to be an instrumental version here. Simply write something that you love, then put it as an instrumental. You can even pick your favorite word and try out lyrics or say some funny lines. All is fair in love and melodies!

3. Go with the vibe of the artist

It’s important! Especially with new artist, you’ll be hard pressed to find a group that matches the vibes of them. I think it’s best to show your interest. That way you can be sure to get some music with a similar atmosphere, and with BTS, I know they’ve been very positive vibes

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Is BTS A HIP HOP? – Rock N Learn States And Capitals Rap Youtube Clean
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