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There’s no better place to start than YouTube. All guitar teachers want to sell you their free guitar course but they want their course to do one thing – it should educate. This doesn’t mean you will get 100% of your money back, but you can get a pretty good idea at a glance.

Who is the best guitar teacher for students from China? There are quite a few available guitar teachers in China but I would start with this one and continue from there.

If music was magic, would you buy a guitar? We’re living in the age of magic and no-one is sure how to deal with it yet. A little bit of music can be everything and the magic is in being able to tap into your creativity to be able to come up with your own way of playing and feel at ease with it, to be able to create, and to be able to perform.

Any recommendations? You have to be careful when reading reviews because a guitar review can be more than just a review. The real reason for your purchase might be different than what you were expecting. That’s why music teacher John Loomis is the one who you should get involved with!

Should you go for a guitar teacher from India? This guy teaches in the USA so the quality doesn’t really match up.

What is the best guitar lesson in Australia? A guy you can easily connect with and get great guitar lessons.

Do you have any tips regarding the best YouTube guitar videos to watch? I’ve found a few good videos on YouTube but you can see that just by digging deeper. I’ve also read reviews where some people are trying to find the most popular YouTube video and are disappointed in the result but they might want to take their chances because a lot of the top videos out there are going to suck.

How should you pick your teacher? This is something I have to keep in mind. How would I want to go about learning? Is my focus mostly on learning to play or learning to have fun? I can teach the former and the latter (although I would have more fun studying). This should depend on what is important to you.

What is the most exciting thing about the day? I used to think that life was too boring to be excited about but now I’m realizing that it’s often not that exciting at all, so I actually find that when I’m not working on guitar learning that I find time to study and chill out, which is really nice.


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Who is the best online guitar teacher? – Learn Guitar App
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