Is it hard to learn guitar by yourself? – Justin Guitar Lessons For Beginners

I’m used to a lot of people who’re the same age as me at the school. But as a band we have two guitar players in our group now, so it’s a bit different. I do feel like I’m a little out of my element, but I’m glad I did it.

Do you prefer studying music at home or in a school?

I love studying, but I like school also. I do have to ask a lot of questions when I’m with the group, but I enjoy the interaction. Sometimes the best way of learning is when everyone else is doing it.

What do you like about school in general?

I like school because it just feels like you’re getting your life and your education straight. I think teachers think that’s the case at the moment. In school you can’t just go home if you are frustrated, you have to stay for a week, and you are a student of the school!

When you first started learning guitar, did you use any theory or notation?

I used the chord charts on my computer, which didn’t feel very natural. I tried to use the tablature, and that didn’t work either. After a while I thought: “I can write down a lot more, I didn’t realise that wasn’t a good approach to guitar.” I think I was more confused than excited about how to use notation.

Did you use any books, or would you rather rely on your ears?

Actually, to start learning guitar you do need to know a lot of chords. But I would prefer to find out how chords are written, that way you can try to understand them as you’re playing them.

Do you have a favourite guitarist and do you like watching them perform?

I think the thing I like most about my favourite guitarists is that they are so open: they aren’t afraid to play what they like. I feel like I could learn how and when to play whatever chords I want, but if I’m going to play one chord you always want to be able to do it. It can be very frustrating, but because we always play the songs in the right order, it’s never that.

When you were a baby, did you hear any songs by musicians you would like to imitate?

The one I’m most familiar with right now is ‘The World I Live In’ by the Beach Boys. I feel like there’s a lot of stuff that’s

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Is it hard to learn guitar by yourself? – Justin Guitar Lessons For Beginners
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