How do I pick a guitar? – Justin Guitar

 I just pick a guitar (no amp and no effects).  I will be using a Fender Telecaster .  There are a few other guitars available, but I think what this tutorial covers here will get the job done.
Do you have a Fender Telecaster ?  Good.  Just choose a guitar that you like, and pick the one that is the best at what you want to play.  The last thing you want to do is have someone play the guitar that fits you better than you originally were born to play.
Do you know how to read a guitar?  When I started playing guitar, I had no idea how to read it.  I learned by osmosis, and eventually figured it out.  The only problem is, many people have never heard of that.  You can learn what a tuner or guitar pickup is, etc. by listening to someone on their guitar do it (and if they don’t do it right, you may never know where the pickup actually is).  In general, you must always know what you are doing when you begin to read a guitar (or any instrument) you haven’t read.
Do you know how to read a fretboard? It isn’t easy, but it will all eventually be explained.  Do not assume you know what the position of notes is on a fretboard until after you have mastered the reading process.  That is the ONLY problem with learning a guitar.  If you don’t know what notes on the fretboard are, then you can’t play anything well and should quit.  Learning the proper fretboard is what all the guitar players do every day.  All you have to do to learn the proper fretboard is to read the fretboard.  Some people swear by going blind for a year before reading a fretboard and then learning it.  This won’t help you as much or if you have no patience.  Reading a fretboard can take forever to get used to so you have to start slowly and make a lot of mistakes before you are confident.  The only way to learn is to listen to a song, or to listen to a lot of music.  
As a side note:  Just like with learning a language, you will either learn well or not well.  If you can read a guitar, that is good, but if you can’t, then you should quit learning.

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How do I pick a guitar? – Justin Guitar
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