How do I pick a guitar? – Concepts Of Guitar

It’s not a question of which one you pick. The choice is between the Gibson Les Paul or the Gibson SG and you have to decide which one will put down more tone.

That aside, both have what you need to get going. It’s a matter of your style, your mood and your personal style.

The Les Paul is a classic rock guitar with a classic, clean, heavy tone. It needs to have your pick slotted, but for all that, it is a very attractive guitar.

The SG will be a lot more popular due to its light and fun tone.

Gibson’s Les Paul, and its lighter sibling, the SG, offer the kind of sweet, warm tone and sound that any fan of rock and roll needs to get into it. It has a classic solid mahogany body, the most popular wood in modern guitar construction, with an ebony, sapele or rosewood fingerboard and a mahogany neck.

The Gibson Les Paul has the neck that you find in a lot of modern guitars and is in fact the one that you pick if you are looking for that very sweet sweet tone. It has the neck of a solid body guitar, but the body itself is made of maple with a rosewood fretboard, just as the Gibson SG also offers. On the front of the instrument is the mahogany neck and you’ll find that it is very comfortable to play. It’s a very comfortable bridge too, with all of the necessary adjustability made available.

Both guitars have a 24″ scale length, which is standard in the American guitar market. This makes them comparable to most solid body, electric guitars. The SG’s are a bit less expensive, but they do come with a better set of controls for you.

Both the Les Paul and the SG have an adjustable bridge. Gibson’s SG has a nut that you may need to play with a bit to get your notes right (it’s a bit different on the Les Paul).

As far as style goes, the SG is much more fun to play than the Les Paul. It might not be perfect on every player, but if you get into doing it your way, it is definitely fun.

However, the Les Paul is a different animal altogether, even though it shares the same body structure and controls. The SG has lots of cool, subtle playability that will be well worth learning.

The SG allows players to play along with

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How do I pick a guitar? – Concepts Of Guitar
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