Is 26 too old to learn guitar? – How To Play Guitar For Kids

I don’t think so! You’re pretty young to start learning guitar. I remember I was 6 when I figured it out. I used to work on my violin; I played violin and piano, and I was in the orchestra. I liked that and I wanted to do a bit of jazz [laughs], but I was kind of on the fence about learning as I thought it was a bit more boring and I was more worried about being competitive. At the time I was going to school in the United States, so I had to wait my time. I’d been asked to write songs for some kind of film and I ended up writing a jazz arrangement. It was just a couple of songs. I thought it would maybe work, but I didn’t feel much of a love affair with it. I was thinking ‘I don’t like jazz. I don’t play jazz’. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, you seeā€¦but I wasn’t really into it at the end, so it didn’t really help either. This [B-Side] took a while to get there in fact. But when they released it and everyone said ‘yes, we’ll buy any track we can get, they’ve got tons of stuff’, it just went from there. People loved it!

You also have a history of releasing solo material and collaborations. Have you started to look at doing more?
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Yeah, definitely! There’s a lot of stuff coming out now, but I can do the bulk of these records, because I write the songs and I record them but I can also write collaborations with other people. So I do a few of those. There’s a new one that’s coming out this month called ‘The Big Bad’ which I made with someone from Japan called Yoshimae and it’s really good. It’s got a lot of electronic elements in it. It’s really amazing and it’s pretty similar to what I’ve been doing, but the vibe I’ve got with it’s a little bit more laid-back. It’s got a sort of ‘rock’ feel but I think there’s a pop element too. But it’s been my favourite since I made that one. It’s very, very special.

So are you starting to work out the album’s structure?

It’s a hard one to figure out. I mean it’s my baby, it’s just a bunch of songs I’ve been thinking about doing for a while. The main thing, obviously, is going to be

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Is 26 too old to learn guitar? – How To Play Guitar For Kids
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