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There is one key element to the U.S. presidential election that seems to make things better in the United States than they are in many other countries: The candidates are getting a lot of positive media attention.

The American news media doesn’t typically do that. Instead, it often gives attention to unpleasant stories or political statements about the candidates.

The most recent example is, again, one candidate who won’t get the usual level of coverage coming from the news media, Hillary Clinton.

Trump is a businessman, not a politician, and it was his business decisions at real estate and other businesses that caused the stock market to plummet on the news that his own businesses could leave him, and the people he employs, behind. But, for all the negative publicity around Trump and his business practices, there has been virtually nothing in the news media about Hillary Clinton — or anything else about her.

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The media have given her no reason to get negative attention — in fact, the media gave Trump plenty of reasons to avoid it, as it has given Trump lots of reasons to avoid it.

Let’s look at the most notable examples of the media ignoring or downplaying the media coverage of Hillary Clinton.

The Media Doesn’t Report On Her Emails

The media almost never reports on her emails. If they did, Clinton would have earned about the same amount of coverage. (By contrast, Obama’s first address to a joint session of Congress in 2009 received about the same amount of media coverage, despite having few or negligible details about his new policies, many of which did not impact the lives of a single American.)

It’s easy to understand why she’s not getting as much attention in the media as she is. But, there are good reasons — and we’ll get to them soon — for why she’s not getting as much attention.

Let’s begin with the email story: As we’ve discussed before on The Big Issue, there is no public record anywhere that Hillary Clinton ever transmitted or received classified information. She has said she does not believe there is a “strict line” between what is “confidential” and “unclassified” information. The FBI said she should have known “whenever she sent or received classified information or when a process was used to screen those materials.”

But that’s really true: She has testified that she used her only laptop on several occasions to conduct official government business. She had her own BlackBerry, and she had a private server in her home

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What is the hardest guitar solo? – Learn Guitar Notes For Beginners
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