How much does a guitar cost? – Basic Guitar Chords For Beginners Chart

In the USA, the most common model of guitar is the Gibson ES-330, which is often sold on its own as the “Gibson Les Paul Junior.” However, guitars such as the Gibson ES-335 and the Epiphone Rickenbacker 500 are often used and sometimes even sold as “Gibson Les Paul.” The first Epiphone Les Paul (a “B” body) was introduced in 1950 and the Epiphone “B”-style Les Paul was introduced in 1955. The “B” model was discontinued in 1959.

The Epiphone “B”-style Les Paul was a very popular beginner’s guitar, mainly due to its solid mahogany body and top, its easy-to-hold fast action, and its ability to accommodate either a 5-inch or 7-inch scale length. For those who loved the more traditional approach to guitar, the Epiphone “B”-Guitars were even used. Epiphone has produced several variations of the Rickenbacker 500, ranging in size (up to 5-inches) between 1957 and 1964.

Since the 1980s, most Epiphone guitars, including the Rickenbacker 500 and the Epiphone “B”-style, are sold in the larger 6-inchers (4.50-inches scale) as the Epiphone “Lacquer Edition”.

In the UK, the Epiphone “F” bodies have become more popular for guitarists who like to play the larger 6-inch scale rather than the smaller 5-inch scale.

At Epiphone, the guitar is always made of solid mahogany with a satin finish. As Epiphone, we believe there is little difference between a solid mahogany guitar and a mahogany body. Our solid mahogany bodies include mahogany necks that are carved from solid solid mahogany, with rosewood fretboard, with a satin or oil-rubbed finish.

In the early 1980s, the Epiphone “B”-style guitars were discontinued in the USA.

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At Epiphone, our Les Paul Standard Custom Shop has been in business since 1947 and we have continued to serve professional musicians for over 60 years.

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How much does a guitar cost? – Basic Guitar Chords For Beginners Chart
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