How much should I pay for guitar lessons? – Learn Guitar Fretboard In 10 Minutes

The best way to decide whether you should pursue guitar lessons is to ask yourself a few basic questions. If you are not sure, or you simply just don’t like the idea of the job, you’re probably not ready for this kind of work, and perhaps never will be. But if you’re more open to it, this post will give you a solid understanding of the issues involved in guitar lessons and the problems we’ve encountered as a result.

First, before we get into the reasons and reasons for being, let’s talk about where a good guitar teacher comes from, why they might like to do the things they do, and a basic question to ask yourself about every teacher’s personal circumstances: would I like to do their job? It’s important to make a clear point of why you might want to be in this role, because it means your work is being evaluated objectively.

“Would I want to do what I do?”

A good teacher is someone who wants to help kids who love music, as children, but can’t do it without their parents’ support. They want to help those kids. At the same time, they want as many children as possible to understand their art and find their own voice. They also want to provide the best possible educational experience at the lowest possible cost (to parents and to the students). They want all children to take the same course of instruction, with the same teaching style, and at the same grade level. They want children who are enjoying their teachers’ attention to be able to leave when they want to, without having to put up with too few lessons, and they don’t want their music to end up being a career after graduation.

“Would I want to make money off the music?”

“Would I want to see my fees go up from where they are right now?”

“Do I think it might actually be harder to get a good guitar lesson if I have a good portfolio?”

These questions are a good guideline to help us understand the kind of teacher we might like to be, why we might want the job, and what we should expect from the course of action we take.

In the first two questions alone, the key is to think through how you want to answer them. Would you pay to hear you play, or would you pay to see how well you do before you even started (which is a lot easier than it sounds)? Would you rather learn something from music or from work?


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How much should I pay for guitar lessons? – Learn Guitar Fretboard In 10 Minutes
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