What do guitar lessons cost? – Guitar Chords For Easy Songs To Play

A typical guitar lesson in the UK is £30 for half of 1 hour and £40 for half of an hour.

The price of a guitar lesson range from £20 for a half hour to £50 for an hour. For a full hour (2 hours) an instructor will give a lesson for £125. The course of a few hours in a private coach will cost between £40 to £70.

Can I learn to play guitar on my own?

There are a number of ways to get started with guitar playing:

From school

If your child attends a school where a guitar lesson is available then you have two options:

Take a course at the most cost effective school where a guitar lesson can be had for less than £100. You will probably also get a better lesson (or will be able to play a better tune and can develop the basics of technique). Alternatively, take a private coach to learn guitar for less than £250. The cost of the coach includes some coaching on playing the instrument as well as some lesson planning or building your own equipment.

From online courses

If you are looking for a free online guitar training course then check out the online courses provided by some of the most popular guitar websites. Some of them are for both beginners and professional guitarists.

There are many schools offering free guitar classes on their websites but their selection of lessons tends to be limited to only that particular subject. Check out the list of free guitar lessons and schools.

You can play a guitar on your own

For kids under 8, most schools offer free on-going lessons to get them up to speed. If you would like to play a guitar at your own pace then it is highly advisable to book a guitar lesson yourself.

If you have to buy your own guitar then it might be worthwhile looking into buying a guitar at a local guitar store. You can often get a deal on a new instrument at any reputable guitar store.

Will a guitar player learn what I know?

It depends. Guitar lessons are the best way to get started learning music so you can decide what lessons will be the most beneficial for you. When someone gets a guitar lesson, the aim is to improve your skills so that after a few lessons you can look back and say that the lessons have given you some valuable learning experience.

Is there a cost to learning guitar?

The cost of learning to play can vary depending on what type of

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What do guitar lessons cost? – Guitar Chords For Easy Songs To Play
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