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I was taught guitar at one of the best schools in Norway… so what’s the difference between the one I studied and yours?

We have different teachers! So just what does this have to do with picking strings? You should ask us any questions you have and we will be there to help. And also there are not any big differences in other fields, we just have different requirements in music school. Check out our reviews for guitars here: The best guitars in 2018.

I am a first timer to music school but I still have a lot to learn and want to have an advantage! Can I ask any more questions?

Not only can we help you, we are happy to answer any questions you are having. You can use our contact form to ask us anything we don’t have time to answer on this topic. We will make every effort to answer your questions within a week… so be patient and be polite. All in all, we believe that you will find this course very useful! The course is available for two ways: You pay the course fee and start to learn the essentials of guitar right away! Also you may start studying immediately and we will help you learn, as well 🙂

What is the most difficult guitar lesson in the world?

The number one most difficult guitar lesson in the world is the one with the most guitar questions. But also at the top is the ‘Guitar School of Canada’ at York University.

My parents have just given up teaching me and want me to go on to a music school! But will this get me a good musical education?

It may take a while before it will work out for your parents. It depends on how successful the initial studies are at the beginning! If you’re lucky enough your parents or even your older siblings will get together and give you their help. If you don’t have a huge background education in music you’ll need to start from scratch, since the things to learn in music education are very different. But even at a small level it can be possible to start to improve this kind of knowledge quickly 🙂

Do you have any advice for students who want to study with me?

Try it out first! You can only try the courses as much as you’re willing to try. So if you see that it’s just not working for you you may

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How do I pick a beginners guitar? – Justin Guitar Lessons For Beginners
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