How can I learn guitar chords fast? – Fast Way To Learn Guitar Chords

If you’re already familiar with the shapes, then I can only recommend you start with some scales. If you’ve never used scales before, then go back and see if you’ve ever used the 4 most commonly used scales on guitar (the basic 3-note patterns).

What guitar chord progressions are the most common in traditional rock? Are there any cool guitar chord progressions that you don’t know about yet?

What can I do different with the chords on guitar (e.g. use chords in specific keys)?

What is an effective way to use chords with a piano?

What kind of practice should I do to prepare for concerts?

What kind of songs should I learn?

These are my most common questions and are the questions most of our clients find themselves asking when they have questions about guitar chords.

Before we look at those questions or any more specific questions, let’s take a brief look at what exactly chords are.


You may already know that chords are the three notes on a string that, when played together, make up a chord. And you may know that each note can sound as it is played with different notes from the same chord and how each of those notes can sound when played together as a chord.

So what is a chord?


Chord chairs (also known as chord chairs in jazz) are basically the chairs that each note can be played on. The chord chair has 3 rows that are each made up of 3 notes each. And each row consists of 3 identical chord notes (usually C, Am, and D).

This table summarizes the key names and types of chords:

Key Name Type of Chord A Minor 6th-9th chords B Major 7th-9th chords C Chord Bass 4th-5th chords D Chord Leading 7th-9th chords E Standard 9th-11th chords

Now let’s look at them in detail.

A minor

A minor is simply a descending descending minor third.

The 3rd on the left in the example above is in major, while the 1st is in minor.

A major

When you’re learning chords, one of the best ways is to simply play all 3 notes of a chord as one chord and note the third of each note as another chord.

This is much easier to do if you don’t know any of the basic chord shapes

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How can I learn guitar chords fast? – Fast Way To Learn Guitar Chords
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