Can anyone learn to play the guitar? – Learn Guitar Chords Online

This was in 2002, when I was playing with the band S-X, and we were practicing and I was playing the most beautiful guitar on the planet, which didn’t turn out to be the guitar I thought it was. I had only played it on YouTube and it’s this old-school, classic-styled, two-pickup, a classic-style acoustic guitar that I only recently discovered that I loved it on. In a way, the guitar was my new-found love – if I’d been asked “How do you get a guitar like this?” I would always say I’ve had this guitar for years, but I still couldn’t quite figure it out, and the guitar seemed dead to me until just recently.

Did you spend time after school just studying and practicing the guitar?
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At least, that’s how it looked for me, but then after a while I realized that I actually enjoyed it, it was a really freeing thing for me to know that I could play anything I want, because I didn’t have to do anything. Then later I started to study more and get a bit of an interest in it, but I still just really loved it.

There’s the idea of learning the guitar and then practicing it, too, and you say that you don’t want to play live?

I do, sometimes. I will go out and do something just for the fun, then afterwards I’d say “Why go out and go out and do something? I don’t know how many different ways I can learn things and still not do it.” But for the most part, what I do is just sit down, go somewhere and try to learn something new. It’s fun.


Because I love to challenge myself, in a way. So I would go out and see what I couldn’t understand, then go somewhere and try to figure that out. I love to see how far I can push myself. And, again, the guitar really brings it out. It’s a really great tool to play that – there is nothing better than doing something with your hands.

What’s your approach to being a guitar player – do you learn from books?

I do! I read books. I love to read. I have a huge library. Sometimes I read in silence. At home I would try to learn something, then I would write it down. I’m very impatient. I’d love to get something done in my spare time

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Can anyone learn to play the guitar? – Learn Guitar Chords Online
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