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To qualify for a boiler grant, the applicant must:

Be a business that produces at least three or more units, but less than ten, in a calendar year or produces at least five in less than 90 days

Have sufficient net income to meet its basic expenses for that year

Be a limited liability company and hold its own capital stock and paid-in capital plus profits and the value of its property.

If the applicant’s name is included on the business registry within 30 days after the application is received, its filing period for a boiler grant is 12 months.

You must notify the State Business Registry for the business name. The State Business Registry makes it possible to determine whether there are other businesses of that name who produce at least five units in their annual tax period (see “Other forms of Business Registration”).

Business owners who are not on the State Business Registry or who are not registered in a single state must apply for a boiler grant for the business at the Business Registry.

If the applicant has not had its application for a boiler grant filed yet, and it receives a boiler grant application within 180 days after the date of the application (for example, on or after July 1 of the year of the application), the applicant will be asked to submit other information, to the satisfaction of the State Business Registry. Examples include, the name of the applicant’s principal place of business, the size and location of the building in which it produces the units, and its gross income derived from the sale of the units.

What if there are other business names that have not been registered with one state but have filed with an equal number of jurisdictions with the business registration authority of the other state?

Some of the other business names that have not been registered with one of the State Business Registry’s licensing authorities may also be listed on the State Business Registry. These other businesses include unregistered companies that are incorporated in Delaware, other States, foreign jurisdictions, or corporations that have their principal place of business in Maryland. The State Business Registry does not track all of them, and there is no way to know who is on the registry, where, or how often these other businesses register. However, when such businesses are issued a boiler grant, the State Business Registry will also be notified.

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Who qualifies for a boiler grant? – Usagovernmentgrants.Org Scamadviser Site
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