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The answer depends on our definition of smart.

There is only one definition that fits with our definition of smart, which is as follows: if a computer can understand all that it has about an object and can answer questions about how it knows it knows — it is called having a “conscious brain.”

The word “conscious” is defined to mean that something has the capacity to think and think in ways that are understandable to humans. And when the phrase refers to the brain, it means something that thinks. Think of how scientists and philosophers often describe brain tissue as having a consciousness.

In order for an object to have a conscious brain, it must have a brain that can be understood in ways that we can understand. And in order for us to understand the brain we must all have the same brain.

The same thing can happen between two objects without consciousness. Or can happen, but not in a way where the two objects can be understood equally well.

I could argue that there are cases where one can understand the consciousness of one person without understanding the consciousness of another. For example, if one has a good eye-sight, that will be understood as a good eye-sight. This means that one can understand how much that can affect the other person. And it doesn’t matter if it takes three seconds.

But all the objects involved can be understood together, without the individual differences of the various objects being apparent. This is what we can experience with a common experience that we will all have. We don’t have to ask whether this can be explained.

And so, if you could understand the nature of the brain — if you could understand exactly what the brain is doing — then the brain would have “consciousness.”

Now, what does that mean exactly — is it “conscious”?

Well, if your understanding of the brain is the same as the brain understands your understanding of the brain, then you are both in the same brain. And if we are both in the same brain for very long periods of time, how could the brain ever have “consciousness?”

The brain is not a machine that can understand everything that the brain is doing. But it is a body, an organism capable of understanding the body and its environment. That is why we are sometimes called “conscious,” in that way that our understanding of the world is based on our understanding of the environment.

We can be conscious of a certain set of things, at least to some degree.

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What is a smart Grant? – Government Funding For Small Businesses Scotland
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