How does grant money work? – Federal Government Grants Department Scam

The first step is to set up a grant. This will help the grantee cover its costs such as travel, supplies, and office space. To do this, simply type your preferred amount or number of grant recipients on the table below.

This will take you to a screen where you will fill out appropriate form(s) and submit them to the grantee.

You can check the status of your grant by clicking on the green/blue button next to your name.

You can also view information on the status of grants, including the amount and date of release

How fast does the grant process take?

The grant process can take up to two weeks to a month, as grantees must go through all the required steps.

How long is a grant?

Once completed, a document called a “grant agreement” is typically sent to the grantee within 48 hours.

Do I need a permit/license?

A permit/license is not required, however the grantee may need the information to apply for funding. For more information see the grantee’s license/permit page.

Can I use my grant for my own purposes?

Yes. All funds must remain at the grantee’s direction. This is especially true within Australia, where the grantee could be deemed corrupt or complicit in criminal conduct.

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How does grant money work? – Federal Government Grants Department Scam
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