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A direct grant is a contract between a University and an independent student or faculty organization. The University is responsible for the financial management and operations of the grant. This includes providing information and resources, ensuring the development of the program, managing the resources to create and manage the program, and coordinating with other educational institutions and other academic programs for obtaining students. It encompasses all stages, from program development, selection, funding and coordination, to financial administration, administration and management, and funding and disbursement.

Do I need to pay for the direct grant?

No. The direct grant from a University will be applied to student expenses. No financial cost of the direct grant is incurred.

When can my organization receive a grant?

Students must apply for their first direct grant from a University within 12 months of their enrollment in a program. In most cases, applications and recommendations are sent 30 or 40 days before they are due. After the application is received, the University will consider the application and decide whether to award the grant. It is usually within 12 months of the application being received. However, there is no time limit on requesting initial funding. In some cases, the University will not grant a grant after receiving an initial application and application with recommendations. In these cases, an application is considered complete once it has been reviewed by the Office of Undergraduate Financial Affairs, under the faculty-sponsored Student Financial Assistance Plan (SFAP) if applicable, or by the Office of Undergraduate Financial Services, under the faculty-sponsored Student Financial Services (SFSS). When a funding application is granted, the University must notify the student in writing within 8 weeks of its completion. For details on the required notification and the required time frames for notifications, read UCF’s SFAP and SFSS policies

What do we do if the University grants the application without my approval?

If you believe that a non-institutional applicant for a grant is attempting to enter into a contract or a direct grant without your permission as provided by California State University (CSU) regulations, contact any university and tell them exactly what the situation is. The university will contact you about the circumstances.

How are applications for the direct grant approved?

It is the responsibility of the university to approve all applications received for direct grants from universities within the State of California. The university will inform you if the direct grant has already been awarded. The application form can be found on the SFAP web site.

What is a direct student organization

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What is a direct grant? – Startup Government Grants For New Business
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