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Grantees should get a direct grant from one government or a public institution, and they should be able to use the grant funds for research and teaching activities. It’s also advisable that they have the support of a faculty member or a department head willing to serve as a teacher and manager. It should be expected that grantees will work on a permanent basis as opposed to simply returning to their classroom at their institution (where, if they aren’t teaching, they are in danger of being dismissed).

The disadvantage of grants is that there is no faculty member who will agree to use a grant for teaching or research. If there is no agreement on how grantees will use the grant funds, faculty members will have a tendency to spend the grant funds without actually learning and developing their research and teaching skills to the level of effectiveness necessary to make a lasting difference.

This brings me to my next point – the “pay to teach” system.

The reason I have argued previously for requiring a two-tier system and the hiring of a senior faculty member and department head to support these kinds of grants is because this means that the person who actually teaches the students receives the most benefit.

It’s not only teachers and research technicians who have to be trained to do the work, as it requires the knowledge of both the students and the faculty. It has led to faculty being unable to focus just on their primary function, leaving research and teaching on hold.
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How do I become a professor? I don’t. And I’m not making any money with my services.

To illustrate this point, I offer a simple test: Ask someone in your class, “Would you like to be a professor at a public university in your university town?” If the answer is “yes,” the person has very good reasons for getting involved in teaching and research.

If the answer is, “no” (and it’s still a close, close “yes”), you have to ask yourself, “What is the reason?” Is it the prestige of being a professor at a prestigious university – which it isn’t? Or perhaps it’s the chance to use your knowledge and skills to help change or improve the life of others? Is it the opportunity to advance your career so you can earn a living by teaching? Or perhaps it’s the fact that you are not at risk of losing your job in the wake of failure?

Are you really motivated to do research, teaching, and service if you aren’t thinking about the money?

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What are the advantages of grants? – Emergency Rent Grants
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