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Here is some background on USA Grants:

USA Grants is an organization that grants funding to organizations that do research on the impact of a particular problem in a particular field – and in which the focus is on the US. The grant must be made to a “US entity” which means that it has to be a US entity as defined by one of the different agencies within USA Grants called “Authorisation Agencies” (EA), which are responsible for making grants.

The problem we are most interested in at the moment is on issues of climate change. For the last decade or so, the US Climate Change Science Program has funded groups like Columbia University, Harvard, and MIT to work on a variety of science issues related to climate change.

The most recent grants that have been awarded in USA grants are for research related to the following two issues:

1. Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation (C2M) research

2. Climate Adaptation and Sustainability (CAS) research

For more info about the Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation (C2M) project, go to:

In the USA Grants database go to

Here is the breakdown of how USA Grants funds the research described in the grant (more on this later):

“The US-based grants fund a range of research projects related to the impact of climate change on various aspects of human wellbeing as well as natural ecosystems such as wildlife and fisheries, and sustainable agriculture, energy and waste management, and urban planning, such as the following:

– research that seeks to increase our understanding of what factors matter most to climate change impacts on human wellbeing.

– research that seeks to increase the probability and the costs of extreme climate events in the US including hurricanes, drought, floods, wildfires, drought, and heat waves.

– research that seeks to understand how climate change is affecting plant, animal, and human health.

– research that seeks to understand how climate change could affect public health, as well as social, economic, and political implications of the climate changes that will likely result from climate change.

– research that attempts to understand the impact of future climate change on ecosystem services, which could include the provision of biodiversity, food security, and the stability and health of a

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Is USA Grants legit? – Government Grants For Women Writers
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