How many hours does it take to write a grant? – Free Federal Government Grants For Business

And what kind of a grant is the best? You get a lot of people who ask me to give them a grant and then never ever get anything. They want a big grant from some big company and then they never get it.

So that’s why I have to tell you, it takes like four hours. And then you get to make up the time later if somebody else wants to help you write about it. Sometimes that’s about a week. Sometimes two weeks. Sometimes it’s 10 weeks.

Is there something you can think of from history which had a big impact on your life or your business?

I don’t know too much about history, but I did read that the U.S. Constitution is based on a single clause of the Declaration of Independence. I like that because, when you think about a Constitutional Amendment, a lot of people who are very progressive in the business community say, “If they can’t amend it to the Constitution itself, they should do a Constitutional Amendment.”

But that’s something the Constitution was amended by. It didn’t change much about the whole concept of government so that’s why I like that.

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You guys are big-thinking business guys so many people come to you out of the blue asking about investing and business ideas, what’s your best advice if they are looking for advice on business-oriented investments?

Look, I don’t have a million dollar business idea. I might have a couple hundred thousand. I want you to look on what is happening today. Look at what the top of the industry is doing. It’s been booming. Look at what is happening in the world and don’t be afraid to say, “I know this. This is where my industry is going.” Because I’m going to follow what it’s going to do and we’ll see if we’ll make it to the next level or not.

But you’re going to be able to pick and choose from what’s best. What’s good for you depends on your situation…you’ve got to take it on the chin a little when you look at what is being done. But to me, the big business model means you create something that people are going to love or they’re going to hate and not to get down on yourself and say, “Now my business is going to have 100k sales and that’s a bad thing.”

The real success is to realize how you’re going to use your product or service. And then there’s nothing more

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How many hours does it take to write a grant? – Free Federal Government Grants For Business
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