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This question has been asked, and answered, many times recently.

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“We are able to do so because our grants program is designed to help people in extreme circumstances overcome poverty,” says Linda Gottlieb, the UN’s secretary-general. “In a sense, the UN’s aid programs have become a form of social engineering to address poverty.”

Gottlieb’s answer appears to suggest that the UN and private philanthropists might consider the idea seriously: “It goes without saying that the UN and its partner organizations do not give money specifically to support the UN Mission for Global Education, the UN Development Programme, or other UN agencies. But we do consider it relevant to all UN organizations that work in education or humanitarian aid, and have had good experience with other private foundations that have done excellent work in the field.”

So why would the UN ask billionaires to pay for aid programs they don’t even plan to attend? The answer is simply that billionaires have been making donations to the UN, and this is the only public recognition that the UN gives. They don’t want to risk their money going to waste, so they don’t ask other people to support their schemes.

When I asked Gottlieb about the proposal some years ago, she said, “We’re working to make things happen for the poorest countries. It will be a challenge, though. We are working to establish a sustainable development framework as well as a sustainable learning environment, but it is also going to be very difficult.” But it is worth asking how much money a billionaire would be able to donate.

If he or she gave $1 billion, it would be considered to be a giant gift, meaning that there would be very strict regulations about how much it could be given. That would be the main problem.

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Does the United Nations give grants? – Federal Government Grants Solutions Cdc
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