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As there are no free boiler schemes in the UK you would need to be able to prove financial need. The criteria are:

A UK national living abroad for more than 6 months

Working on a UK paid holiday

A £20,000 pension with no interest attached, and earning less than £15,700 per annum

An income of at least £6,400 per annum for the last 3 calendar months before you want to move

What if I don’t get the free boiler?

You will get a letter in the post from your Local Gas Authority for each free boiler. To have a free boiler on the property you have to be a UK national. Free boiler schemes are not open to UK National Insurance numbers – so you will need to fill in your identity proof form.

I was told my boiler needs to be replaced because of ‘health & safety’ reasons. Is this true?

If the boiler is causing any health or safety issues, then either the gas supplier or the boiler’s supplier may be required to take part in a health and safety awareness course to assist customers.

How long does it take to get a boiler in the UK?

It often takes between 6-8 weeks to obtain a boiler in the UK. You should contact your Local Gas Authority to see their timetable.

Can I get a free boiler if I’m on zero hour contracts?

You should check whether your zero hour contracts have any restrictions that prevent you from getting an energy supply.

Can I get free boiler UK when I move house?

If you move permanently to a new address or to an area of your home which won’t meet the requirements of a free boiler and you have no family living in your area, you can always register a free energy supply.

What happens if the boiler’s supplier doesn’t accept my evidence and says it’s not able to give me a boiler?

Your Local Gas Authority will normally contact your electricity supplier and explain that you are unable to get a free boiler, or that there is insufficient information on the website. Your Local Gas Authority should also explain the reasons for your lack of free boiler supply.

What if I am not a UK national?

If you are not a UK national, then you are not entitled to a free boiler. You should get a letter in the post from the local gas regulator. You will also need to get your identity proof. However, if any of this scammer meaning, scampi recipe, government grants small business for women, government help for small businesses australia, government funding for small business coronavirus loan

Do I qualify for a free boiler UK? – Government Funding For Small Business Coronavirus Loans
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