Which woodworking tools should I buy first? – Custom Woodworking Business Cards

First, you need to understand what the difference between different types of woodworking tools is, since there aren’t many good ones to begin with (in fact, many of them are not exactly the “same.”)

For example, some hand saws are good for general sawmaking tasks and some for more fine-grained cuts in a variety of different woods. In contrast, a table saw, like those that came with most kitchen equipment from the 1950s, is not intended to be used for fine woodworking. In fact, they tend to be more trouble than they are worth. (The same is true for most hand tools in general.)

One exception is something called a router. In the case of table saws, a table saw is more useful for more coarse cuts, whereas a router is a better choice for finer cuts and more fine cuts like a chisel. If you’re building a kitchen tool cabinet, you should probably wait until you have a planar mill before deciding upon the finer tool to use.

For the rest of this article, I’ll use the term “machine-made” lumber when describing lumber made by hand. This includes saws, tables, and router bit sets, which all come with a planar mill or other suitable milling machine.
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For the majority of other types of machines, like bandsaws, milling machines, planes, and vise and chisel presses, we’re talking about “machine-made” lumber from a manufacturer or supplier.

I’ll explain why this distinction is important below, but first, you should know what to look for when looking to buy a woodworking tool. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll only be talking about the first three of the kinds of tools mentioned above—hand saws, table saws, and routers.

Which woodworking tools should I buy first?

For general sawmaking and fine-grinding work, if you’re looking for a machine-made lumber, I usually start with table saws. They’re relatively inexpensive and easily replaceable, and their design allows the cutting of many different types of wood, like hardwoods, birch, maple, and cedar. They can also cut hardwoods like maple into very fine pieces. And as you can imagine, if you’re cutting wood, you’ll want to be sure that your planar mill has a plan as well as a cutting plane so that you can work along your desired cuts. In this way, you

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Which woodworking tools should I buy first? – Custom Woodworking Business Cards
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