How can I get free woodworking tools? – How To Start A Small Woodworking Business

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It appears that the Republican Party has decided that they have no interest in the future of the nation or America. I realize this is a sad state of affairs in the face of a candidate who is already a terrible candidate for president on the world stage. Yet, I do have a few hopeful thoughts for where they ought to go for the remainder of the election cycle. I think we’ll also discover that a lot of what we find with this party that is currently out there, may just be an effective way to push the GOP candidates to do the right thing (as opposed to the wrong thing) as they campaign to save the Republic.

First, I would be remiss in pointing out that I have absolutely no knowledge of the people involved in this. If I did, they would be a very small minority of the total members of this party. I’m hoping that they are truly interested in making a positive contribution to America, as opposed just wanting to be famous, or at least be liked by other Republican politicians.

A couple points. First, the party has been a total disaster in terms of the candidate selection process throughout the primaries and, more recently, the general election. There have been so few viable candidates that a lot of voters would have no choice but to vote for somebody they don’t know at all. In other words, they have an obligation to choose someone at least slightly worse than their actual choices.

We just saw the Democratic and Republican primaries this year that were essentially a contest between the parties to get the votes to gain entry into the general Election. The Republican contenders were not good, and they never had any chance. The Democratic ones were great, and the entire process was one big joke. I’m hoping this year will be as bad, if not worse, for the GOP before the general Election.

Second, and this needs to be pointed out, the current GOP party has essentially been run by a lot of self-important idiots. Yes, I said that. There are a lot of self-important Republicans, and I’m sure they don’t think they are self-important. This is a party that has been run by a bunch of incompetent morons.

First, let me mention the

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How can I get free woodworking tools? – How To Start A Small Woodworking Business
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