What you need for a woodworking shop? – Business Card Holder Woodworking Plans

A place to live in, a shop, a workshop, materials, a few tools. And that might as well be the end of it.

This article is about how to start your own woodworking shop. It’s intended to introduce you to the basics of starting your own shop, getting organized, planning and making your first project.

If you don’t want to do all the tasks mentioned above, skip the last paragraphs and start the article here: How to Start your Own Woodworking Shop

Part 1

The Beginning

Many people say to start their house or business on a Friday.

The most common reason is to take on the weekend. But, what the heck! In the past few years, even small time workers have realized that there is no such thing as too much work for a house to handle.

Let’s start with the obvious. Do you still have to move everything out of your garage one day and put everything back?

Or do you just put everything back in the garage on Monday?

And if the answer is “yes”, it might be because your workshop was just too big or the house you lived in just didn’t quite fit all your tools in just the right manner? Or perhaps you just didn’t have enough time to devote to them?

Well, it’s really not that difficult. However, it’s hard to just put back all the things you want to do, or get into a position that will give you the opportunity to handle it all.

Let’s look at an example. I still have all my tools in the garage. But they are pretty out of date. I need to get them into a modern shop.

Here are the questions you might have:

How many parts are I willing to spend on my tools? What would my garage look like (if I didn’t care about keeping all my car parts in there)? How big is my garage? Do I want to store my tools in the garage or on an outside patio? Will they look good outdoors or with a dark green tarp or grass covering?

You’ll get plenty of answers to these questions, if you know how to get started.

First of all, the first step is to create the shop. But, before you start on your furniture, it’s a good idea to first create your workspace.

Your home, with all of its furnishings, is the best place to start any shop, in my opinion.

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What you need for a woodworking shop? – Business Card Holder Woodworking Plans
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