How do I start my own woodworking business? – Woodworking Business Plan Pdf

A DIY woodworking business requires a large amount of time and effort to get off the ground. Here are some ways you can begin your Woodworking Business.

Get a good quality planer – Get a good planer. I’ve been blessed to have received woodworking gear from one of my teachers and friends in recent years.

Get a professional woodworking set-up – In terms of building a professional woodworking business this really isn’t that hard to do. A good solid set of plans are also an essential part. You need a planer which is made in Germany, a drill press which is built in the USA and a good quality hand sanding machine. I own my own hand sanding machine which I use for finishing my hands.

Create your own wood flooring – You need a plan, a drill press, a nice set of plans which you can be proud of and a few hours of free time!

Purchase a CNC router – This process doesn’t take long and the result is great. It also costs very little for the materials and time involved. This method is for those wanting to start a hobby woodworking business as a hobby.

Read the instruction sheet for your CNC Router. Check out my CNC Router Instruction Sheet for a detailed tutorial. You’ll learn:

How to buy a router, make the right selection of your router, select the right size and type and what the best router material will be!

Things to be careful and what not to do!

Check for the proper length you need to keep to cut the stock off your router.

How to prepare the router for cutting stock and do some minor work on the board.

Things to be more careful about and some tips on cutting boards.

Things to do every step of the way.

Things you will need and some tips on drilling.

Check out the tips for using your CNC Router which include setting the speed, setting the position and using a suitable blade.

And then come back here and read my review of my newest CNC router and check out the woodworking tips & tricks I’ve posted here. I hope you’ll find this helpful and a great resource for getting started with your own woodworking business.

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How do I start my own woodworking business? – Woodworking Business Plan Pdf
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