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Build and sell a house, a car, clothing line, or other investment is something I enjoy doing. While I don’t like all of the same investments, building and selling things make sense to me.

Building is one of those things where you buy a house right out of school and put in thousands of hours of hard work. Investing is one of those items where you can put money aside in a checking account and sell your equity once the growth turns up. There are many ways to buy and sell real estate, but I find the best way to invest is through a low yield ETF.

Low bond, short term, index fund investing works great for me. With less risk and less volatility, these types of investments are more predictable and allow me to get more in real value. For example, I’ll try to put about 3% in a tax free bond fund, while other investors invest in stocks. This is one reason I’m so happy with a tax free account.

While I like buying small quantities of things and building little homes, I’m also big in the space of selling stocks and other investments.

What advice do others have for the DIY investor?

There are many resources out there for buying and selling the small things you need, such as financial markets and personal finance. I personally don’t agree with the term DIY and don’t plan on using any of them. I think that anyone can be successful with anything they put their mind to, including the DIY investor.

I’m a HUGE fan of the Vanguard Diversified International Stock Index Fund, Diversified U.S. Stock Index Fund, and Diversified Canadian Stock Index Fund. These are great funds if you can find one that works for you, including a Vanguard International Bond Index Fund. You can also always look for a better performing fund that gives you a better tax benefit and you’ll get a good amount of income!

Where do you stand on inflation in the real world?

I stand by what I wrote in an earlier interview, stating that inflation is still real. It comes in in the form of food, clothing, and medicine. If you think inflation is a bad thing, then how about it getting a little more aggressive as a result of rising interest rates and other market factors?

Since I’m a big fan of the inflation-fighting qualities of U.S. debt, I think inflationary pressures are likely to keep rising forever.

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Does inflation go to zero

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What should I build and sell? – Woodworking Business For Sale
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