How much can you make as a woodworker? – Starting A Wood Furniture Business

This is the most common question woodworkers ask (yes, people ask about us too!). And the answer is…a lot more than you think! Here are some numbers that have helped many people determine the price of making and servicing a new woodshop.

The first is a simple question: what does a woodworker make?

In this case, that’s easy, we make cabinets, desks, bookcases, tables, and other furniture products! If you look on our site you’ll find plenty of information about that. You can use the table of contents list at the top of this page to find what we do here at the company as well as the most popular products we have available in the world.

For example, we have some very popular furniture and bookbinding tools, all made from exotic woods. For example, we have a few products using the high quality Walnut or Oak wood, and the other products use Maple or Cherry.

A more common question is, how much wood do I need for my new shop?

For many people, the question is “what size shop?” Because people who come to us to start shop make their first shop from scratch, most of the work done in a wood shop happens outside the home or workshop.

And even when a woodworker is in the home or workshop, the woodworking work can be very different than the work done outside (especially on hardwood furniture!) and can take place on a small scale.

The average lumber yard can easily store, load, and ship around 5,000 to 6,000 trees a year. However, when a woodworker moves from the home or workshop and wants to install his work in the wooded area of a neighborhood, then he has to pay to store, load, and ship approximately 50,000 to 70,000 trees. We get the bulk of our lumber from only a few companies who all buy their lumber at the same time from the same place, thus, making it possible to stock our warehouses of trees very effectively.

With a small shop it may be possible to get a much smaller number of trees, but for most homeowners, the savings would be minimal enough to pay the cost of the trees. Many times, the cost of a new shed or basement or a new home will make up most of a woodshop’s cost (with the exception of a very small number of very large projects). As far as actual hours go, there is no specific number that any wood

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How much can you make as a woodworker? – Starting A Wood Furniture Business
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