How do I start a handmade furniture business? – Woodworking Business Salary

All our furniture comes from us, which means all components that are used in our products come from local manufacturers and craftsmen. We don’t have an in person shop, but you can order directly from us. In your shopping cart, choose your size and colour, and proceed to checkout.

How does shipping work?

Our shipping is fast and flat rate, just choose your size and your order date and we will do the rest.

What are your returns policy?

We have a refund policy, and can make you a refund if the product you receive is not in the same condition you get it, we ask that you contact us within 72 hours of receiving the item and we can help you to find the most fitting solution.

What about custom-made products?

Please consult with our team in order to make sure you don’t have any custom orders for which we have no way of making a final decision.

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Are there any restrictions on orders under 1000 USD?

No, your entire order will be accepted.

Do I get free shipping when placing an order?

Not at all, we only offer a flat rate shipping, please contact us to discuss a faster shipping rate that takes into account your order size.

Is the furniture custom-made?

Our furniture can be custom made for every single customer at every time.

Does your business charge a custom fee?

No, the price for each piece is for the total weight and dimensions that you specify. We ask you to leave the size, colour and the colour of the box, if you have to have the order delivered to your door, it can be ordered as long as it is a flat rate order.

What are your prices?

The wholesale, domestic and international shipping prices range from: $100-150 (for orders under 1000) to $120-180 (for orders above 1000). If you have any questions about which shipping cost is right for you, please speak with us.

*Shipping charges do not include the shipping cost to your house.

Can you deliver internationally?

Yes, we are fully prepared to deliver in many countries in the world, for orders more than 1000 USD.

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How do I start a handmade furniture business? – Woodworking Business Salary
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