Can you make money selling wood projects? – How To Set Up A Tiny Woodworking Shop

Yes, absolutely! We’ll build you an apartment, or a garage, or a treehouse – for free! We’ll tell you exactly what you’ll need and where we’ll get them!

Are you a builder?

If you’re like a lot of artists, a part of you wants to be a builder, but you do not have the skills to be a professional.

We are happy to offer support for non-professional builders or people who love building but can’t make the time to become a professional builder themselves (we can still help – contact us with your questions).

We have already had a number of people who did not want to go down the path of becoming a builder (like the guy above), and wanted to build a little bit, but they did not feel it was the right choice for them yet. That might be one of our most important selling points to them.

Is a community building project?

As the project is an open and invite-only build area we can provide a place for you, your friends and family, to gather and build together. This helps us immensely in maintaining friendships and relationships with clients in the community.

Is it private?

Yes. We’ll build your private project in an abandoned warehouse, and you will not be exposed to the weather outside. There is a lot of free and open space to create in, in the warehouse itself!

Who pays the bills?

As we are open for business every day from 8am to midnight, we have an incredibly talented and diverse team of artists. We don’t have anyone on the team who has to pay to operate – which means that everyone is paid in cash upfront, directly from commissioning artist to client.

We are constantly working to expand the project as we expand and upgrade the facility. We are looking for artists with a wide variety of experience and skills and backgrounds, who are talented in the use of technology and do not feel they need to take home a steady paycheck in order to make this a dream job for them. If you meet some of the needs listed below, please get in touch!

What do I get for my money?

We pride ourselves on being transparent. On our website and on our site, you will be able to see details of how many of each of the six different products you will receive. The goal of the project is to provide a variety of unique work and experience experiences. We strive to offer each project a

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Can you make money selling wood projects? – How To Set Up A Tiny Woodworking Shop
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