What jobs make the most money in Las Vegas? – Online Blackjack Real Money Live Dealers In Indiana

With just 7,500 restaurants in town, Vegas and culinary careers have been in decline for decades. But according to the Las Vegas Business Journal, a recent survey (via the New York Times) by the Metropolitan Downtown Development Authority claims that more than 30,000 new, full employment jobs should open by 2020. We will be working to further cement this as the hottest job market in the nation.

#10: Las Vegas is booming in the film industry

I’d put Las Vegas at #11, but it’s not on our list because the list lacks a few films that have been in the works for several years already: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Zoolander 2, and Sin City 2: Dogtown. They seem set to join a list of very well-known films. The next film being produced is The Avengers 2, and the next one that will hit theaters in 2015 is Transformers 4.

#9 – Las Vegas is the highest-grossing international city in America

If you’ve ever been to Vegas, you’ve probably visited the Wynn, which, at $350 million, is the second most expensive hotel in America after The Waldorf. We have some of the best hotels in the world there, and there’s always going to be an appetite for high-end destinations in Vegas, because Las Vegas is the Vegas of the west.

#8 – Las Vegas had the best nightlife in the world in 2014 and 2015

A lot has changed since 2014: The Strip is now much more compact, the hotels are less spectacular, and gambling is a lot more of a problem in Las Vegas than it is in other large cities. But this hasn’t slowed the enthusiasm of international travelers. While we have the biggest casino strip in America, Las Vegas boasts some of the most diverse, active nightlife in the world.

#7 – Las Vegas had the top percentage growth in visitor numbers in the US over the five-year period in 2014-2015

This year is really shaping up to be the year you can say, “We’re back! We want it more.” The Vegas Tourism Authority reports that the tourism market in the US grew by 11.25 million visitors in 2014 to 3.4 billion.

We continue to improve our reputation as the best spot for Vegas vacations, which is fantastic news for every Vegas renter.

#5 – Las Vegas is the fastest growing resort town in the world

We’re already the #

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What jobs make the most money in Las Vegas? – Online Blackjack Real Money Live Dealers In Indiana
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