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The secret is that you don’t understand it, you just try to think that way. If you know that and the cards fall in that way, you will succeed. And you won’t be able to understand or understand any more, because everything will be changed instantly. If you have money, there is no secret any more. You never play roulette. You just play the other hand. In the meantime, the bank gives you some more money and you are just going round and round.”
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In a new study of the “Greatest Generation,” American-born baby boomers say they’re looking forward to retirement.

The survey of about 2,500 U.S. men and women found that 77 percent of Millennials and 61 percent of Gen Xers want to live to see a retirement. Among Baby Boomers, 62 percent say that they want to retire, while 49 percent of those born from 1932 to 1964 want to live past the age of 62 and 34 percent say they want to retire before age 64.

And while only a majority of Gen Xers (53 percent) and Millennials (56 percent) want to retire at age 73, more than two-thirds of Baby Boomers (68 percent) are hoping to continue living until they are 85. Baby Boomer retirees are the “most optimistic group,” with 85 percent predicting they’ll continue living until they are 85, compared to the 61 percent of Gen Xers and 55 percent of Millennials.

When asked about when they plan to retire, 65 percent of Millennials said it would be between 50 and 60 years old, while 59 percent of Baby Boomers say it will happen between 62 and 70 years old. Another 33 percent say they want to retire “shortly,” while another 13 percent said it will happen “long-term.”

When Millennials think about retirement, they don’t think about their current salary or financial planning. “They don’t think that their earnings will grow faster than inflation or that they will need to keep paying more to provide their family a better life,” said the researchers, lead by Stephen Farr of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The survey showed that those who do want to work longer say that they have a strong need for money to buy basic things like food and clothing.

Instead, those who do think about their current financial situation are most likely to think about their retirement plans, with 61 percent of Millennials, 67 percent of Gen Xers and 49 percent of Boomers thinking about retirement plans.


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What is the secret to roulette? – Best Online Roulette Systems And Strategies
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