What is the most famous casino in the world? – Online Blackjack Real Money That People On Twitch What Does Source

POKER: The most famous casino in the world is the Mirage in Las Vegas, which started life in the early 1900’s on a farm in Florida. It was owned by a very prominent man named Frank Sinatra. They had a huge building and it was huge. The building became a landmark for its size. And what’s fascinating is the house where it all started.

It’s the second-oldest casino in America and they say this house was originally a slave quarters. So it’s really in a different time in Vegas.

GQ: It was so huge, you could have stayed in here.

POKER: We have the most expensive hotel rooms in the world. You sit with every big name in the business, which is quite an honor if you think about it. It’s worth getting to know every one of them. If you’ve got a couple hours, you could stay two nights.

GQ: How many people have stayed at the Mirage? A very big room? A tiny room?

POKER: It was a luxury. We had a huge ballroom as well, so you could have a nice meal while you’re waiting for the tables to open and you’re sitting there in your room.

GQ: And it had a pool too, huh?

POKER: It did. Not a pool, but it did. It had a pool. Which it probably should have just had a bathtub because the house was pretty huge.

GQ: How about the water? Is it a hot tub?

POKER: It was a very nice room. We had an amazing swimming pool. You could take a boat into your private deck. It’s really breathtaking, once you know your destination: The Mirage. So many things that don’t fit into common sense. But then you think about it. You’re sitting next to this man. He’s had the biggest success in his life. It’s like, all of a sudden he’s a billionaire and he’s a very important personality. And that’s what happens when you have that kind of story.
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GQ: You have a wife and 4-year-old son. Does it really matter? Or has he been the most important influence on you?

POKER: I would say it does matter to me as a person. But of course my wife and my son are incredibly important to me. They’re who I talk

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What is the most famous casino in the world? – Online Blackjack Real Money That People On Twitch What Does Source
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