Is there European roulette in Vegas? – Roulette Strategies $3000/Day

Yes. In Europe, casino chips are called roulette or casino dice.

How do I gamble on Euro Roulette?

You bet with a roulette wheel (or a Euro coin). The roulette wheel spins once and you then have the option of either betting on the same card or different cards. Betting on the same card gives you money when the wheel spins and bets on different cards get you nothing. You then have a 20/10 split of whichever card bet, and the second player is free to choose any of the remaining cards.

This game can be quite tough to learn and even harder to win!

How do I get to Vegas?

If you live in a Europe country, you can try a hotel in any city or resort and see what you can find!

If you want to see the casinos or other places, try the internet and find your nearest hotel.

We also offer a hotel booking service that allows you to book your hotel accommodation direct online, and check availability within 24 hours. If you prefer an online booking, you will receive a credit in your account immediately upon booking.

Note that some airports in Europe are difficult to get to because of distance.

Can I travel to Vegas?

Yes, except for those listed below where tickets will not be available, because we cannot guarantee the same service, and our hotels may not be available.

Will Las Vegas be open to me?

We will be offering European roulette on our site ( and have already received offers to come and play.

There may however be delays in our opening so please check the latest information before booking with us.

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Is there European roulette in Vegas? – Roulette Strategies $3000/Day
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