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Here’s the math. Let’s say you have $10 and a roulette wheel with a number of outcomes:

$0.7 < > $9 $0.4 $0.2 $0.15 $0.1

Which outcome gives you $7?

$10 + 7 = $7, so we must take the value of $10 to get $7

$10 + 30 – 27 = 8

We call the remainder $8$.
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A $10 is worth about $10^5$, so for our $7 + (7 – 13)$ outcome we’d expect to pick it. But, as you can imagine, this is very bad – it would have been better to pick $15 instead! We have two alternatives:

1. Try to pick a higher-valued number

As discussed, $5$ is a much more probable number – and also, if we picked $5+9$ instead of $7+9$, we’d only get $9+16$, which is still worse than the $15! Let us call it “high-valuation” $15$.

2. Pick $7 + 9$

If we pick a higher-valued number (ie “high-value”) like $14$, then the same logic should work, and $15+13$ is better than $15!

If we pick the high-valued number “high-value” $7$, then we end up with a lot of $15$ out of this roulette, so we’ve chosen a higher-valued number! We may as well “pick” (pick) $7+9$, since we can then use $15^4$ to predict $15$. So, instead of picking $0.15$, we pick $13+5$.

If our choice was “best” then it would give us $14^3$ for our outcome! If it was just bad, or something like “worst” it may be worth it to just pick any number and just pick that, but why bother with all the math?

That’s why roulette is a very complicated mathematical game, and there are tons of formulas and algorithms for finding out which way to go (ie “determining probability”). The game is pretty boring too — if you just win, you win.

But what does that actually mean? The game is very “random” by nature (even if it’s

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Is roulette really random? – Free Online Roulette American Table Fostoria
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