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Is it all luck?

If this wasn’t a good sign, then there was a problem. We could never understand why such a big number of people chose this bet even after being in the casino five times. “Roulette is a gamble, isn’t it? It’s very difficult for someone to figure it out…”

“It’s something more than luck: it’s not that it’s too simple to lose or win. People have lost and won money all the way up to $1m on roulette. But it’s nothing like what happened to us. I never heard of this happening to anyone else.”

The casino’s receptionist was extremely happy about the results of the tournament and explained some of her thoughts.

“A few years ago, at the casino in the casino district, something happened. Someone lost a hundred million dollars. And the casino in the district wasn’t any different. He was playing for his house. When the casino in the district closed, all his clients dropped out. That’s why he went bankrupt. ”

“But there’s no way to contact the owner of that casino. Who would know that someone else has spent that much money?”

“How is it possible for him to know what that someone else did? It was just a bet. The casinos can make a bet all they like. But if you lose money, you have to find a way to change that bet. It’s a problem like this that’s impossible for a poker player to solve.”

“Who knew! That person had a special sense of intuition, so he could figure it out even if he wasn’t one of the casinos. That poker player was such an expert that he could make that bet!”

The receptionist looked quite surprised. What kind of guy was he? It had been more than two days since there had been such a result!

“It can’t be helped. After all, that gambling man was so popular that that casino decided to build new casinos all around the world. So why hasn’t his money come back?”

A gambler who won a trillion dollars and lost a billion dollars? What the heck… The casino had that kind of talent!

There seems to be some kind of secret behind how the casino in the casino district was able to make such an unusual result. The betting man was a genius, after all.

“A gambling house like this couldn’t make such a bet. That guy was

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Is roulette all luck? – Live Online Roulette Gambling Usa
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