How roulette is rigged? – Best Online Roulette Strategies Birthday

If you think that there is a lot of fraud with roulette, you would be correct. There is and has been enough fraud to allow the American Roulette Association (ARAA) to become a criminal organization.

When you buy a game, ARAA will mail you a receipt. That receipt will be valid for one year from the date of purchase. In other words, if you don’t receive a receipt right away it might be the second it goes out.

You can check the ARAA website to see if your receipt is valid. You just have to go to

What if the receipt is expired?

While it might be fun to take out your $50,000 (if you have one) and gamble on roulette, it would be illegal to gamble with your $50,000 at home without a receipt.

There may have been some fraud with the receipt, but no one knows in what state a certain game of roulette was played.

If you can buy a good game of roulette, go ahead and buy it. However, be sure that it is the same game you used to buy at home.

If the receipt is expired, it probably won’t help, although you might end up losing some money. That is because there is no way for a player to know if the game he bought at home is the same one his receipt showed as being bought for $50,000, and he has no way of knowing if you might have bought that game at home on account of the receipt.

Why is there a receipt?

Before you buy your first game of roulette at home, ARAA asks you a few questions. ARAA will ask for your PIN number, the date and location of your purchase, and a list of the items you bought. There will also be a statement that they may cancel any order at any time with NO refund, to avoid any confusion.

I don’t have money

Why are people like you not allowed to gamble with lots of money?

ARAA has a long list of reasons that you should be banned from betting at home. Those reasons include you being arrested for gambling and selling or buying illegal substances.

What if I am banned?

First of all, that statement does not mean you will be banned, but there will be penalties if you are found to have sold or bought illegal substances. Your PIN is not going to change

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How roulette is rigged? – Best Online Roulette Strategies Birthday
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