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The “Hour Wage Calculator” on the MoneySense website is helpful. Here’s its “Hourly” model:

“The hourly rate to earn at the top 1% is determined by the following formula: Hourly Rate = (SUM-1) x (1 – SIN) x (1 – SIN) x 100 percent.”

If you’re earning $45.72 an hour, using that chart, you should get 10 hours of actual work (sounds reasonable at first glance, it could be more, but you can multiply both numbers together): “12.76 x $45.72 x 10 = 3235 hours. This, however, is not the real hourly rate. The actual hourly rate is far greater, especially given that the real hourly rate for a top level manager is often much more. At best, you might earn around $75,000 a year if your boss is a member of the 1%. And, if this company is run by a large multinational corporation, the number might be much different—for example, $80,000.”

If you’re making $100,000 a year, the total of all your hourly earnings is around $4,500, or 15.6 times your annual earnings. Thus, you’ve earned about $8,000, or 3 times your annual earnings. At the $45-an-hour range, you’ll still wind up with an average of 20 hours of actual work a week—if you’re lucky.

And, if you’re making far less than $45 an hour, there’s no way you can pay yourself to do everything yourself. Unless you have some sort of special arrangement with your boss that has you sitting on a set schedule, you’d be wasting your money by not doing a single thing every minute you are on the clock. In fact, you’d be better off just working one hundred hours to meet this number and getting rid of your employer when you are paid what you’ve earned.

(To understand what I mean by this, please see How Not to Get Fired.)

Are there any alternatives to your regular job?


The only “alternative” to your job is selling drugs or being a prostitute for a company of other people who all happen to be dead.

If a company isn’t hiring you, there are no ways you can make any money of your own in any area of your life other than doing your job.

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How much do dealers make an hour? – Best Online Roulette
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