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The basic blackjack game mechanic involves two decks: a dealer’s and a player’s.

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Dealer hands over cards to a player, who then hands these cards to the next player as well.

How do you know which hand contains a card?

A player can tell the dealer and/or player a certain card’s fate by a “black-jack wink”. These are tiny visual clues that show whether a card has gone before or after the hand is dealt.


A player has two suit cards and a bet, they make a hand containing all suit cards and a bet. If the bet is won, the next player should bet one of their suits, and the player with the highest bet would hand over their card. This “black-jack wink” tells the dealer that all of the suits were won, but still that the player will bet one of their pair instead of two.

How do you know if a card is dealt?

If a player can look at a card after the deal, then the card has gone before or after the hand. To make this determination, the dealer must determine if the card is revealed prior to the hand, or is revealed before the hand.

Example: The dealer decides the bet for each player is one of their cards. There is one player in each hand that doesn’t know which number they will bet. There’s one possible number that they each bet, so the dealer gives them four cards. They decide they won’t bet their two suit cards in this hand, so they only will bet the pair of three suit cards instead.

Example: The dealer tells the player he is the dealer. The player sees the four cards in his hands, and decides he has one of his suit cards going to him. The player doesn’t want to bet his three suit, so the dealer gives him the three suit card. To this effect, the dealer is the only player that can reveal the card before the hand. The dealer reveals the card before the hand starts.

Example: The player has two suits, and two cards in their suit deck. They decide to bet one of their suit cards in this hand, but if they lose, they won’t flip the cards over. Therefore the dealer takes care to give them the correct cards. After the hand is played, they check how many cards went to their cards. If they don’t know the number of the suit they bet on, then either they won’t bet

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How do you count cards in blackjack? – How To Win Roulette Every Spin
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