Will I lose weight if I skip dinner? – Prescribed Weight Loss Pills Australia

Can I eat a big snack before going to bed? Do I have to be really light on my feet if I want to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Where should I get my protein?

Some people will probably say no to all of these questions, but this is not a question about nutrition, it’s a question of how to balance your life and your work with your family and your own well-being.

I can answer that for you now.

The first time I skipped dinner was at 8pm. I was in an important business meeting, and my boss would not leave me alone. I spent a whole half hour looking for a place to sit during the meeting. I sat in the middle of the conference table, staring at my mobile because I had no way to get across the table. After a few minutes I realized what I was doing. I was sitting there eating a glass of Red Bull over a plate that said BODY GLUTEN FREE (glutamate). BODY GLUTEN FREE is a diet product that is marketed as helping you shed fat. I have absolutely zero interest in shedding fat. That is not part of being hungry. That is a waste of time.

So for a little while I just sat there and drank the whole bottle. I had absolutely everything that I wanted, but it didn’t do me any good. I was miserable; I realized I was having a very unhealthy breakfast and had no appetite for lunch. I had to move to the next event.

After the second event I had to skip dinner. My boss left before I came home; I left my phone and phone charger outside the front door waiting to ring; I waited in the hallway until my boss came back before I was able to have breakfast. At lunch I was extremely hungry, tired, and irritable. My boss gave me a really good massage and told me I looked good. After that it was all good. I was happy. It was a much healthier meal, with less food. I had no need for a protein shake. I was at peace. I was eating right. I was happy.

I guess, you might argue, that eating in front of me while I was busy working with my boss might be unhealthy. You might think that skipping dinner is more appropriate than skipping the afternoon and the night. Let’s be honest, you probably could have eaten a Big Mac in front of you while sitting next to your boss. It would have been better, and it

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Will I lose weight if I skip dinner? – Prescribed Weight Loss Pills Australia
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