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The sun’s face looks straight down on Earth while lunar sky looks up. We think of a sunlit sky, but our sun is actually a disk of debris or dust swirling around. Because we can’t see it, we can just take our eyes off of Earth and see as it does on the lunar surface.

Moon Face and Moon, Moon, Moon

The image on the left shows a typical moon face. From the top we can only see Earth’s shadow. The bottom right shows a close-up of the edge of the moon, where all the dust and debris appears to be on the lunar side.

Our moon, then, is an object suspended above our heads and our earth.

Image courtesy NASA/MSSS/T.J.Wright, D.H. Brinckerhoff.

The most popular theme of this time-lapse series is definitely the moon. But we don’t talk too much about the phases, because you already know that the images are generated by an advanced phase simulator. And this time, it allows us to use the lunar orbit simulation to set up and modify the animation. This will allow us to be creative with the animations, because you can add various interesting scenes that aren’t included in the final version of the videos.

This past Sunday, I walked along Stony Plain’s “walk” as it’s known to locals who can tell you how that process happens. You can walk in circles while wearing a suit, and even as the moon goes beyond our horizon—a fact that’s probably a mystery to most people—it doesn’t leave you in one place. There is always space between and within the steps you take with the intent of stepping back into the space you are in and moving on. The goal is simply to move forward as best you can, one step at a time, one step at a time, until we are all able to take in the experience of sitting and walking for three-quarters of a mile.

That’s what it was like for me—the whole time—when the moon was in its full, full-pupillation state. We stopped for a minute or two to have a long, thoughtful look-a-like. Then we went back to walking. After three hundred feet, I had a moment of peace and relaxation. But then I thought to myself, oh, this is why I love this place—why do I love this city, why do I love this city so much

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What is moon face? – How To Lose Weight Fast With Exercise
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