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There is no magic number. The rate at which you lose weight is determined by your overall health; your age and gender; your metabolism and stress levels; your overall health (skin, blood pressure, and cholesterol), nutrition, and weight loss efforts over time (such as the amount of time you spent exercising and eating a healthy diet).

When I was in grad school, my professor told my boss that he’d heard that all women have an internal rate and that it was only “pushing” them for the first few months of their second pregnancies because they were not able to lose that much weight. If you think that’s a valid statement, then I’d just have to say “fuck your body.” I used to lose 5-10 kilos during my first pregnancy at a rate of about 3lbs a month because of my age, my hormonal imbalance, and my weight loss efforts over the months. I would have lost that much weight on my first pregnancy had I simply tried to do everything right. A lot of my patients tell me I should have tried to do everything right early on and just let them lose weight. Maybe if I’d told them “don’t expect me to change my diet or exercise or anything” then it wouldn’t have happened. Not that it would have changed much of anything anyway.

Another issue people often raise is whether the weight loss is a permanent state. We know from research that the weight loss in women at least temporarily stops once they’re pregnant (though as with men, it may be a temporary state) but that this effect is not sufficient to cause permanent weight loss later in life.

So let’s see here. The average adult women has a 25% to 50% chance of being overweight in her 20’s and a 50% to 75% chance of being overweight in her 40’s. Those odds are far greater than a man’s (7% to 14%), and a lot worse than a healthy man’s (5% to 10%).

Women make an average of 20 cents to a dollar for everything—things such as health care, maternity leaves, retirement savings, and child care. A man would only have to make 10% more to have the same income as a woman, but he’s not going to be saving anything. A man will need to either work more or be more productive (such as going out more or helping with household chores) to have a similarly happy life.

So the point of all of this is: The majority of women need to

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What is a healthy rate to lose weight? – Do Gnc Weight Loss Products Work
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