What foods make your face fat? – Weight Loss In Tamil

Eat them!

3. Fructose will make your face fat. Fructose is the sugar produced by plants and animals.

4. If you eat corn instead of sugar, you will get fatter! Corn has 10 times more calories than sugar.

And finally, 4. Fructose causes you to gain weight. Fructose makes the muscles and bones become “fat” and your weight will grow. If you eat sugar and carbs you can lose weight, but if you eat Fructose you will gain weight.

If fructose is your only concern, eat less of it. If you eat corn instead, avoid it. If you eat a lot of refined sugars, you are likely to gain weight.

If you can’t live without fructose, try fructose with meals! That’s what sugar is for — to make meals more satisfying with less carbohydrate and more protein.

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More detailed information about fructose, its effects on body weight are discussed in one of my books, The Big Fat Surprise (Hodder, 2004).

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What foods make your face fat? – Weight Loss In Tamil
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