What exercise burns the most belly fat? – Chrissy Metz And Weight Loss 2019 Pictures Of Brittany

This is a conversation between (POV) Harry Potter and a bunch of nerds .

a bunch of nerds: hey

Harry Potter: ooo

a bunch of nerds: hey can you talk a while

Harry Potter: oooo

a bunch of nerds: i’d be super happy if they were okay

Harry Potter: i might go off into the forest to listen to some music

a bunch of nerds: how would you do that

a bunch of nerds: i wanna be like

a bunch of nerds: a bird

a bunch of nerds: and i’ll swoop down to where the people is

a bunch of nerds has left the conversation.

Samantha Ritter, 25, of Portland, Oregon, who had been arrested on a felony charge of driving while intoxicated, is accused of murdering her friend and then lying in wait at a secluded area while the man’s body was left in the woods, according to ABC News.

Ritter allegedly murdered her friend, Kiel McInnis, 28, of San Antonio, Texas, on October 1, 2016 after a dispute over gambling at the bar Ritter used as her home. Investigators said Ritters told them that she was in love with McInnis and that they had been engaged in a lengthy, secret relationship.

But when she and her then-boyfriend, Joshua Fagan, 33, went to meet McInnis for the final days of their relationship, police say they were confronted by McInnis, who did not want to see them. Fagan then pulled his .44 caliber handgun and said he had been drinking at Kiel’s house and had been drinking the last three days. He then went outside to kill McInnis, saying “there’s a bullet in his skull. It’s an accident,” according to a police report.

Ritter then drove to a secluded location in the woods off the highway where she attacked McInnis, investigators said. When they arrived at McInnis’s home, Fagan was still alive, according to police.

Investigators say Ritter’s friend, Robert Travas, 19, was arrested at the scene. He had reportedly been with a man named John Hinton at the time of the murder. Both men were taken to the local hospital, where they both sustained gunshot wounds with a handgun at close range.

Ritter was charged with murder and was released pending trial on November 19,

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What exercise burns the most belly fat? – Chrissy Metz And Weight Loss 2019 Pictures Of Brittany
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