How can I lose a lb a day? – Weight Loss Meal Plans For Men

To lose weight, you can start by eating your food on a low-calorie diet and then reducing the calories your body burns from food and exercise.

Find out more about calories and how to set them up at the diet centre or in the diet shop.

How can I start exercising?

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To encourage regular exercise, it’s best to follow Fit For Life’s exercise and weight loss guides.

Check out this helpful guide which explains the steps you need to take to start exercising.

What about alcohol?

Most adults should not drink alcohol. A glass of wine a week is thought to be fine.

How much salt should I take?

In Ireland up to 9g of sodium per day is allowed in a standard 2-3 unit glass of wine or water.

If you’re drinking more and want to decrease the amount of salt you take, you can try these tips:

Take 1 salt tablet with a coffee or tea as well as 1-2g of salt in a meal and try to avoid foods containing a lot of salt.

Find what your salt levels are with salt and chloride and adjust them by adjusting the way you eat by cutting back the salt and salt at each meal.

What if I have a fever?

It’s normal to have a change in the airways (phlegm). Fever is caused by your body’s over-reliance on salt and fluids.

Most adults should not take any medications to treat a fever (including antihistamines, anti-emetics, painkillers or alcohol, as they can cause a dangerous spike in blood pressure).

What if I have a cold?

Colds include upper respiratory and sinus infections. There’s nothing you can do to get rid of colds – they’re a natural part of getting older and changing your diet.

However, it’s important to tell the doctor immediately if you catch a cold. If you have a cold, it’s vital your doctor diagnoses the cold.

If you have a cold and the usual remedy doesn’t work, see your doctor very quickly to discuss the best options. The sooner your doctor can offer advice, the better.

How long should I take aspirin for a headache?

Aspirin is a painkiller that reduces swelling of the brain, but it also reduces the action of pain receptors, so headache pain can stay after an aspirin treatment.

To help reduce the

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How can I lose a lb a day? – Weight Loss Meal Plans For Men
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