Does iron pills cause weight gain? – Weight Loss Reasons

The biggest concern in patients taking iron pills, however, is that they may gain weight. Researchers have shown that taking high-calorie iron pills may lead to iron absorption problems – meaning there is not enough iron reaching the body’s cells.

“I think that for patients taking iron pills to really reap the maximum benefits, they need to use a low-calorie, non-dietary pill like metformin, which would lower the intake [of] iron,” Dr. James Martin, a professor at the University of Virginia who directs the University of Cincinnati Center for Clinical Nutrition, told Life’s Little Mysteries. “But that is only the way it works.”

Another concern: Studies have found that individuals taking iron pills tend to have lower blood levels of iron, even though they are eating less iron-rich foods.

But more studies are needed to examine the issue, and this is a growing area of research.

What are the side effects of iron pills?

The only side effect of using this treatment is that you may not lose weight – it’s based on the theory that you’re not eating enough iron to get enough from your diet.

However, if you don’t lose weight, then it’s not considered a serious side effect. In patients who have already lost weight on treatment, it’s typically a slight slowing in their weight loss as they gain more iron. They’ll continue to lose weight even after taking iron pills.

However, if you have a hard time gaining enough, there are two possible methods you can take to slow the process down:

The first is to take more iron, and the second is to drink a liquid iron supplement.

What are the side effects of iron pills?

Because there is no evidence that iron pills are harmful, the side effects of the medication is low. The drug often leaves a strong odor in the throat, and it may cause nausea in some patients.

Other side effects include diarrhea, headaches, muscle and joint pain and depression. And because that’s the only side effect, most patients don’t report any side effects.

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Does iron pills cause weight gain? – Weight Loss Reasons
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